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    Working effortlessly to hydrate the world with water that is brought back to life!

    Our mission is to change the world by improving the lives of millions around the globe through innovative health and water products. We believe that providing people with the best water and the opportunity to gain financial independence has a positive impact on their well-being.
    To ensure every community stays hydrated with Dream Tree's water products, we are spreading through Independent Distributors and independently owned and operated, Water Tree stores (our subsidiary).
    Customer Service: +1 (713) 988 - 8833
    We specialize in providing water and filtration solutions for every aspect of your daily life.
    We drink water every day (at least we're supposed to), but are we drinking water that is good for us?
    You may think that all purified water is good enough. It's all the same, right? The truth is, water treated by distillation and reverse osmosis takes "the good" out with "the bad", leaving us with Acidic/Dead Water that contains no minerals.

    Conventional filtration methods often remove everything and strip water bare, leaving almost nothing but water molecules. That's great for removing toxins and waterborne diseases, but it doesn't retain any of the other beneficial elements of water. That's why Dream Tree Family uses a proprietary process called Ceramic Conversion to bring your water back to life!

    We put the right things back in so you can drink water the way nature intended.


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