Dream Tree Family works effortlessly to hydrate the world with water that is brought back to life! Join our team, here at Dream Tree Family as our mission is to change the world by improving the lives of millions around the globe through innovative health and water products.


  Job Title: Graphic Design  
  Work Schedule: Regular Full-time  
    40 hours/week  
  Job Descripton: Develops designs for marketing such as posters, signs and banners as well as product packaging and labels; coordinates scheduled content designs and periodic updates of photos to company website & e-commerce website for marketing purposes; coordinates with management/sales and marketing teams to produce required products for promotions/marketing and packaging; uses/manipulates product promotional/marketing source and material provided by manufacturers to make suitable for use in campaigns domestically.  
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design  
Special Requirements: Korean language fluency  
Contact Person: Send Job Application/Resume/Work History to
Our mission is to change the world by giving millions of people around the globe the best water along with an opportunity to gain freedom and financial independence which will improve all quality of life.